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Dorado 140

The Dorado 140 is the perfect inshore and coastal utility craft, an excellent price-benefit choice that adapts to most tasks required by the users, with capacity for up to 880lbs. Is excellent hull design requires little engine power to deliver surprising performance.

Standard equipment

1 FGRP-reinforced hull with white exterior paint and gray interior paint, with gray spots in the bottom. | 2 FGRP ribs. | 1 Wood partition located aft, lined in FGRP, with drain. | 1 Pilot seat in wood lined in FGRP located aft. | 3 3/8" stainless steel eyebolts. | 1 Folded and perforated aluminum transom plate. | 1 FGRP mirror protector for one engine. | 2 lever plug kits.
4.82 ft
4.22 m / 13.85 ft
.61 m / 2 ft
1.47 m / 4.82 ft
158.5 lb / 349 kg
Max Load
882 lb
Max HP
[ Maximum HP based on 4-stroke Outboard engines ]


[ an average bull moose in quarters + quads ]
13.85 ft

Optional equipment

Additional aluminum seats | Full size Aluminum Keel protector | 25-inches Transom

Massive loading

Our boat lineup has a loading capacity ranging from 2,315 lbs to 3,080 lbs. That's triple the average aluminum utility boat capacity.

Minimal rolling

Our hulls are designed for maximal stability, even if on rough water. No matter the load or speed, these boats stay the course.

Fast hull

Fast and stable, our hulls are carefully crafted to optimize 40 to 200 hp engine performance under all conditions.


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